Comae Technologies

Comae Technologies is a cybersecurity start-up that help companies diagnoses cyber attacks through its memory analysis solution and products. Its work had been featured in the press (New York Times, Washington Post, Reuters etc.) and on TV (AP, Bloomberg, etc.) several times.

The Comae Service Portfolio

Comae partners with top tier enterprises to protect their clients, employees and stakeholders against cyber-threats and helps assess the security of their products to find flaws and vulnerabilities before attackers do. Services include Application Security, Reverse Engineering, Penetration Testing, Digital Forensics and Incident Response and Advising.

Stardust by Comae

The Comae Stardust platform provides innovative and scalable memory forensics capabilities as a cloud-based web service. This allows organizations of all types to execute quick and comprehensive security assessments in order to serve forensic and incident response needs. Its memory toolkit has thousands of users across the globe, including government agencies and Fortune 500 companies.

Comae Labs

Comae Labs was created to tackle emerging and unexplored security issues via reverse engineering.

Its first release relates to blockchain security, through its “Porosity Framework” which allows unprecedented analysis of smart contracts.

OPCDE Security Conference

OPCDE is the first purely technical security conference serving the Middle East, which aims to cultivate the regional security industry via bringing leading the best security researchers in the World