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LXSS diagram.

  • Hibr2Bin goes open source again.
  • New !ms_lxss command for SwishDbgExt to display the Windows Subsystem for Linux information from lxss.sys/lxcore.sys. See example below:

    kd> !ms_lxss  
    Windows Subsystem for Linux Overview.  
    Instance 0xFFFFE704EEB8F010  
    GUID: {E29032FD-35D3-4C53-AB68-6BCEBDA7176F}  
    State:            (1) [STARTED]  
    Creation Flags:   00000001  
    GlobalData:       0xFFFFF802ED4138A0  
    Root Handle:      80000834  
    Temp Handle:      80000838  
    Job Handle:       8000083c  
    Token:            80000818  
    Event Handle:     800008bc  
    Map Paths (0):    0xFFFFE704EF437920  
    VFS Context:      0xFFFFE704EEFC4710  
    Memory Flags:     0x2  
    Last PID:         35  
    Thread Groups:    3  
        Session 0xFFFFE704EDB79EC0  
        Instance:         0xFFFFE704EEB8F010  
        Console inode:    0x0  
        Foreground PID:   -1  
            Process Group 0xFFFFE704EDB79AE0  
            Instance:      0xFFFFE704EEB8F010  
            Session:       0xFFFFE704EDB79EC0  
                Thread Group 0xFFFFE704EF4F8000  
                Binary Path:           /init  
                Thread(s):             1  
                Owner Process Group:   0xFFFFE704EDB79AE0  
                Flags:                 0x00000000  
                Main Thread:           0xFFFFE704EF5CC010  
                Arguments (006 bytes): 0x00007FFFC081D6E0  
                    Process 0xFFFFE704EF2F1D70  
                    Instance:            0xFFFFE704EEB8F010  
                    NT Process Object:   0xFFFFAE05E84EF800  
                    NT Process Handle:   0xFFFFFFFF80000F58  
                    VDSO Address:        0x00007FFFC0849000  
                    Stack Address:       0x00007FFFC001E000  
        Session 0xFFFFE704EF5DB830  
        Instance:         0xFFFFE704EEB8F010  
        Console inode:    0xFFFFE704EF32D7A0  
        Foreground PID:   2  
            Process Group 0xFFFFE704EF5EF970  
            Instance:      0xFFFFE704EEB8F010  
            Session:       0xFFFFE704EF5DB830  
                Thread Group 0xFFFFE704EF5EE000  
                Binary Path:           /bin/bash  
                Thread(s):             1  
                Owner Process Group:   0xFFFFE704EF5EF970  
                Flags:                 0x0000000C  
                Main Thread:           0xFFFFE704EF5F8010  
                Arguments (010 bytes): 0x00007FFFDF34E418  
                    Process 0xFFFFE704EDEF6EC0  
                    Instance:            0xFFFFE704EEB8F010  
                    NT Process Object:   0xFFFFAE05E84E6800  
                    NT Process Handle:   0xFFFFFFFF80000D9C  
                    VDSO Address:        0x00007FFFDF883000  
                    Stack Address:       0x00007FFFDEB4F000  
        Session 0xFFFFE704EF0A8ED0  
        Instance:         0xFFFFE704EEB8F010  
        Console inode:    0xFFFFE704EF06B9C0  
        Foreground PID:   19  
            Process Group 0xFFFFE704F059CBC0  
            Instance:      0xFFFFE704EEB8F010  
            Session:       0xFFFFE704EF0A8ED0  
                Thread Group 0xFFFFE704EDE51000  
                Binary Path:           /bin/bash  
                Thread(s):             1  
                Owner Process Group:   0xFFFFE704F059CBC0  
                Flags:                 0x0000000C  
                Main Thread:           0xFFFFE704EDC78090  
                Arguments (010 bytes): 0x00007FFFF78CFB78  
                    Process 0xFFFFE704F06389B0  
                    Instance:            0xFFFFE704EEB8F010  
                    NT Process Object:   0xFFFFAE05E618D800  
                    NT Process Handle:   0xFFFFFFFF80001650  
                    VDSO Address:        0x00007FFFF7C99000  
                    Stack Address:       0x00007FFFF70D0000