COVID-19 and Remote Incident Response

Many companies are forced to work remotely due to the COVID-19 outbreak, which may be a very difficult event for several teams who have to engage into assessments or incident response missions which often requires a physical presence due to closed offices or even travel bans.

To help companies and employees maintain their lives and work responsibilities, the Comae team is offering Comae Stardust, our secure cloud memory analysis platform for teams and partners, for one month free of charge.

What is Comae Stardust?

Comae Stardust is a secure cloud memory analysis platform which enables automated memory analysis from a memory image acquired by DumpIt or from the live metadata generated by our CLIs.

Comae DumpIt + Stardust is an easy and elegant way to collect and analyze the data by leveraging our Cloud to avoid physical presence for incidents. But also to collaborate by employees in different locations as multiple users as part of the same organization on Comae Stardust to explore and analyze a machine. Comae Stardust gives you additional visibility when the other traditional tools or log event analysis tools stop to give your information. And this is particularly true if your company is using Cloud providers such as Azure, Aws or GCP.

Our Cloud gives you and your colleagues easy access to the platform to ensure that you can still respond and assess to digital incidents.

You can find more information in our user-guide and online video tutorials.